Travel Consulting

Need assistance setting up a custom expedition? Let us design your adventure for you. Click the button below to send a consultation enquiry to us.


Planning & Design

Safar Expeditions designs custom itineraries and expeditions whether it's a perfectly curated weekend getaway or an extreme expedition to one of the world's most remote corners. Let us handle the dirty work and we'll create an unforgettable journey just for you.


Let Safar do the logistical gymnastics for you so that you can enjoy your adventure hassle-free. We can organize clearances, permits, transport, and more to make your expedition come to fruition.


Safar Expeditions can take the prep work out of the equation for you by procuring information regarding risk assessment, weather information, and any other variable that could come up on your expedition. We specialize in the abstract, so we know how important having a plan B, plan C, and plan D on deck are as situations can change in an instant.