Want to Host a Trip?

Are you a blogger, creator, influencer, or expert in your field? 

Safar Expeditions partners with creators and experts to host unique expeditions and experiences all around the world. If you have a following you want to build a deeper relationship and travel with,  have a teachable skill you'd like to host a workshop on, or are a subject matter expert that wants to share their expertise with their audience in a breathtaking destination, we want to work with you. 

How Does it Work?

Building, planning, marketing, and running expeditions is no easy feat, but that's where Safar Expeditions swoops in and makes it easier for you. 

You as the host will market the trip to your audience once we've built the expedition, and of course, host the trip once it's underway. Safar Expeditions will handle all the gritty details from logistics, organizing local guides and fixers, pre-trip communications, and payment processing and handling.

If you want to build an expedition, send an email to us at info@safarexpeditions.com to introduce yourself, what you'd like to offer as a host, and destinations you'd be interested in, and we can get the process started. Below find some FAQs about hosting expeditions.

As a host, you're the force rendezvousing everyone together for a unique experience. Your job as a host is to get your community stoked about the expedition you're hosting and set the overall vibe of the trip.

There are multiple different angles you can take as an expedition host, and ultimately this is up to you to decide. 

If you're an influencer or blogger who is entertaining and has a million crazy stories, your role as a host might be just to travel alongside your guests and make it an enriched experience. 

For those who possess a talent or specialized skill, you may opt to offer your expedition as a workshop-in-the-field-style trip. This is great for photographers, videographers, athletes, and some influencers. 

Subject matter experts and specialists could benefit from offering an expedition to a destination that marries up nicely with their expertise. This can work well for wildlife experts, marine biologists, extreme sports athletes, and so on. These blend the learning experience of the workshop but in a wild location.

First, we'll chat about what destinations you'd like to host an expedition, where and what you think your audience may be interested in, what budget range your audience will likely fall into, etc. From here, we'll build a customized itinerary, figure out pricing, and so on. Once we've sorted the above and hatched a plan, it's time to begin executing the mission.

After we've hashed out a destination and an itinerary, collected intel on costs, set dates, and have a packaged product ready, you will launch it to your audience. Safar Expeditions will market the trip as well alongside you.

This is one of the beauties of hosting an experience with Safar Expeditions: you don't have to guide the trip.

We work with an extensive network of local guides and fixers around the globe, so you'll have a guide by your side for the duration of the expedition you're hosting. These guides know their destination inside and out.

As a Safar Expeditions host, you'll get paid for your job as the host. What's better than traveling the world with your community?

Everything on the selected itinerary is, of course, included for you.

In terms of earnings as a host, this can vary and is something we will sort out in the planning stages. You as the host will determine what you would like to be paid per head and we will build that into the expedition cost (while trying to keep an attractive price point). We will also factor your cost of travel to the start and onwards from the endpoint into these costs as well. 


Safar Expeditions specializes in remote, difficult-to-access, and unusual destinations, but we also put unique spins on well-trodden nations too.