Bizarre. The best word to describe Turkmenistan. 

It's eccentric, its inner workings are strange, its politics are downright outlandish, and it’s one of the most fascinating countries to explore. This is Turkmenistan.

With a gas crater set ablaze in the desert in the 1970s still burning to this day, the white-marble-and-gold pristine capital of Ashgabat, the colorful and remote Yangikala Canyon, a smattering of Silk Road desert qalas, and probably the most eccentric dictator to ever run a nation (though he has since passed), Turkmenistan certainly lives up to its nickname as the North Korea of Central Asia.

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Upcoming Turkmenistan Departures

8 Day Turkmenistan Expedition

Ashgabat , Turkmenistan

October 26 - November 2 2024 · 7 nights

8 Day Turkmenistan Expedition

Flaming Gas Craters, Desert Fortifications, and the Strangest Capital City in the World