Known as the graveyard of empires and sitting at the crossroads of civilizations, Afghanistan is fiercely resilient all the while being one of the most hospitable countries you’ll ever visit. 

Afghanistan is also blessed with some of the most diverse and captivating landscapes and gorgeous architecture the world over. From the high peaks isolating the Wakhan Corridor, to the tiled masterpiece that is the Grand Mosque of Herat, the empty niches in Bamyan where grand Buddhas once stood, and everything in between.

These beautiful destinations attract a niche crowd of travelers inside Afghanistan’s borders, but it’s the human connection that leaves its mark on most travelers. Sipping chai with former mujahideen, hearing the stories of families on the run deep into the mountains of Nuristan fleeing the Taliban, and invitations inside of rustic yurts for warm bowls of shirchai: this is Afghanistan.

It’s undeniable that Afghanistan has a troubled and turbulent past, racked by invasion after invasion over the past millennia. Many a conqueror has left their mark from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan to contenders in the present day.

Travelers intrepid enough to make the journey to Afghanistan will be greatly rewarded with incredible adventures and a hospitality that knows no bounds. That said, travel in Afghanistan doesn’t come without inherent risks and dangers.

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24 Day Afghan Wakhan Expedition

Ishkashim , Afghanistan

August 15 - September 7 2024

24 Day Afghan Wakhan Expedition

Welcome to the remote Wakhan Corridor