Fann Mountains

Bound by the Fandarya River all the way to the Uzbek border from east to west and the Zervshan and Hissor Ranges north to south, the craggy peaks and impossibly turquoise lakes that span Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains are one of the tiny Central Asian nation’s true highlights, providing some of the most spectacular scenery the country has to offer.

So whether you’re looking to take a brief stroll among glacially-fed lakes, go on a strenuous multi-day trek, challenge your mountaineering skills among 5,000 meter peaks, or just walk up in a quaint lakeside guesthouse the Fann Mountains have something to suit most any adventure traveler’s desires.

Expeditions Featuring the Mountains

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12 Day Fann Mountains Expedition

Dushanbe , Tajikistan

August 15 - 26 2025

12 Day Fann Mountains Expedition

Trekking through lakes and villages in the idyllic Fann Mountains


27 Day Tajikistan Expedition

Dushanbe , Tajikistan

August 15 - September 10 2025

27 Day Tajikistan Expedition

Fann Mountains + Pamir Highway



Fann Mountains Highlights

Alovaddin Lake

Fed by the Chapdara River, jewel-toned Alovaddin Lake is a favorite for most visitors to the Fanns, whether they drive along dusty roads and make the brief 1.5 kilometer walk to the lakeside or trek over high mountain passes to camp near the shore. The sunrise reflections of the Fann Mountains here alone make Alovaddin a must-see. 

Kulikalon Lakes

A mountain bowl in the true sense of the word, featuring several dazzling lakes set amongst tumbling glaciers clung to vertical mountain walls, Kulikalon is among the most beautiful mountain scenes in the world. The Kulikalon Bowl is also well-known for its birdlife making it a great spot for avian sightings.

Haft Kul

One of the most accessible sections of the Fann Mountains, the seven lakes of Haft Kul surely don’t disappoint. 6 of the 7 lakes are reachable by a dirt road, making it a great destination for those wanting to get into ethereal Tajik nature without too much time commitment. The Haft Kul is also a great place to head to experience Tajik culture with the possibility of trekking homestay to homestay down the valley getting to try traditional foods and shop for locally made handicrafts, and meandering among shepherds. 


Much like the Haft Kul, Iskanderkul is another part of the Fanns that is more easily accessible, though quite different in scenery as it is the largest lake in the Fann Mountains. For those wanting to experience Tajikistan’s nature all the while staying in a lakeside guesthouse and still have access to several nice day walk, Iskanderkul is the perfect place. 

Bolshoi Allo

One of the more challenging lakes to reach in the Fanns, Bolshoi Allo is well worth the effort to see the impossibly blue lake set amongst an amphitheater of rock. Bolshoi Allo is best experienced following the challenging Chimtarga Pass.